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Courses Dates in Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm

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Why EduFuture?
Ever since the start of EduFuture, our main goal has been to give teachers and principals from around the world a chance to exchange best practices, cultivate their skills, find innovative teaching methods and discover new learning strategies. Tap into your full potential and contact us now.

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Best Educational Study Tours in Finland

EduFuture specializes in tailored study visits to Finland, Sweden and Estonia and organizes webinars about the Finnish Education System

Clients Feedback

It was a true pleasure to meet you and your staff. My colleague and I have learned many things by being together with you and we will surely treasure these in our personal and professional journey. We have spent some wonderful days together. We really enjoyed this experience very much. Thanks for everything and I really hope to be able to come back again with a lot of my colleagues. 

Maria Giuliana Demurtas

I enjoyed everything and I would recommend your courses to everyone I know. The actual idea of getting a direct glimpse into Finnish schools is brilliant! And the fact that we got the chance of visiting a school in Estonia was a definite bonus. Your course is unique, so very different from everything I have ever experienced before, you never get the time to get bored as it's so active and you get in touch with so many people. I would always choose a course like yours over any theoretical teacher course.

 Mihaela Stancescu

Arne is an exceptionally capable and talented professional who can turn difficulties into opportunities. He is highly knowledgeable, meticulous, organized and supportive. He is also a man of his word and a reliable problem solver. But I am particularly impressed by his illuminating positive and vivacious outlook that brings people together and creates a vibrant atmosphere where people can share their opinions and discover an unknown side of themselves. 

 Özgen Bagcı

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