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Pedagogical Leadership & Coaching Courses

Pedagogical Leadership & Coaching
Do you want to improve your leadership and coaching skills? This course aims to provide you with a strong foundation of all the key principles of pedagogical leadership and coaching you need today.


The Finnish education system has been proven to be one of the best in the world, scoring consistently at the top of different international studies (PISA, The UN Education Index, etc.). Because there is an increasing interest and awareness about the Finnish way of leading schools - famously known as Pedagogical Leadership - this course aims to provide the participants with a strong foundation of the key principles of leadership and coaching in education with state-of-the-art skills. This course will enable educators to change educational practices in their own classroom and the school environment as a whole.

We also want to give you and your colleagues a chance to discover, discuss, share knowledge, exchange ideas and experience everyday Finnish schools. You will learn first hand how the Finnish education system operates at all levels and how it assures equality in excellent education outcomes.

Main topics of this course (all levels - pre-primary, K12, VET)

- Educational leadership & Management (supportive school policy plans, well-being of staff and students, good parent-school dialogue, students-teachers active role, practical ways of handling administrative and pedagogical issues, coaching, building different working culture and co-creative leadership)
- School innovation (school development plans, standing structures of innovation, new learning environments, ICT, integrated curriculum)
- Student in the center (positive pedagogy, support systems and the integration of special needs students,well-being, talent development, adaptive and personalized learning)
- Teacher in the center (collaboration and self-governing teams, evaluating, coaching and mentoring, learning to let go, positive classrooms, class management)
- Internationalization & collaboration (European dimension, collaborative projects, student exchange)

Interested in this course, or you want to know about other possible courses, please do not hesitate to contact us in the chat or via the contact form.

Possible choices to attend one of our structured courses about the Finnish Education System.


Spring courses 2023


Sunday, March 5 till Thursday, March 9 OR Saturday, March 11 Confirmed

Monday, April 10 till Friday, April 14

Sunday, April 16 till Thursday, April 20 OR Saturday, April 22 Confirmed

Sunday, May 7 till Thursday, May 11 OR Saturday, May 13 Confirmed

Sunday, May 14 till Thursday, May 18 or Saturday, May 20 - Soon to be comfirmed

Summer courses 2023 (no school visits)


Sunday, July 23 till Thursday, July 27 Confirmed


Autumn courses 2023


Sunday, August 20 till Thursday, August 24 Confirmed

Sunday, October 1 till Thursday, October 5 OR Saturday, October 7 

Sunday, October 29 till Thursday, November 2 OR Saturday, November 4

Sunday, November 5 till Thursday, November 9 OR Saturday, November 11


NOTE: A course could be 5 or 7 days. We offer 5 days in Helsinki OR 5 days Helsinki + 2 days Tallinn as an option in the 7-day courses.

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