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 Ever since the start, our main goal at EduFuture has been to give educators from around the world a chance to discover, discuss, share knowledge, exchange ideas and experience the Finnish, Estonian and Swedish schools first-hand. We want to provide all teachers and principals with an opportunity to travel to Scandinavia, receive training in the most innovative teaching methods of the 21st century, and share best practices with international colleagues.

Please write to us here or contact us via email if you need support applying for mobility programs or grants. Our courses are always in English.

Kindergarten Classroom

Benchmarking Courses & Study Visits

Do you really want to understand the Finnish, Swedish and Estonian education system?  These courses will teach you how the different education systems operate at all levels and how they assure equality in excellent education outcomes.

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doing work together

Pedagogical Leadership & Coaching

Do you want to improve your leadership and coaching skills? This course aims to provide you with a strong foundation of all the key principles of pedagogical leadership and coaching you need in today's education.

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Happy Girl

Special Needs & Inclusive Education

What makes Finland so different? This course will explain how Finland is striving to enhance the development of each student by different support actions so they can provide equal opportunities for learning to every pupil.

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Yoga Group

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Looking for a hands-on approach to mindfulness in the classroom? This course is for teachers who want to know more about mindfulness, what the benefits are for yourselves and your students, and how to integrate it into your classroom.

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Online Teacher

Online Webinars

No time, too far or no money for an onsite training course in Finland? Our regular low cost online webinars will give you a first insight into the secrets behind the success of the Finnish education system, so you can be the change in your classroom.

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