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Pricing & Funding


Costs of our courses   (best price - quality in Finland)


EduFuture will charge you 500 euro for a 5-days course and 660 euro for a 7-days course (prices do not include 24% VAT).


If you have an Erasmus+ grant, this fee consists of 2 parts, if not, this next paragraph is not important for you:

- Course fee: for a 5-days course 400 euro for tuition and materials and for a 7-days course 560 euro. This is covered with the course fee that you get with your grant: 80 euro per day.

- Organizational costs: each school / organization will receive per participant an amount for organizational costs, of which EduFuture will charge for a 5/7 days course 100 euro per participant for administration and organizational costs (local organization for venue, rent of venue, visit of schools, costs for EduFuture administration, etc.).


If we must cancel the course, we offer two different options.


  1. You are welcome to choose any other course during the next two school years at no extra costs.

  2. If you rather have a refund, an administrative fee of €150 will be taken into account.

Funding of our courses

There are many different ways how you can receive funding for our courses. Some of them are local, others are international, but most of our participants from outside the EU pay by themselves (since the course fee is really affordable). For European citizens, the Erasmus+ program is a great opportunity to attend our courses. Citizens of any EU member state can take part in many of the opportunities funded by the Erasmus+ program, although you will have to be a part of an organization to do so. Any public or private organization actively involved in the education, training, youth and sports sectors can apply to get a grant in order to train their staff. So let´s get started and don’t worry if you don’t how complete and submit the Erasmus+ application form. All these procedures and formal requirements might seem confusing, but we are here to help you throughout the process with support documents and advise. Write us a message and we will send you all the necessary support documents. 

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