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 Tailor Made Educational Tours and Study Visits to Finland

The Finnish education system has been proven to be one of the best in the world, scoring consistently at the top of different international studies (PISA, The UN Education Index, etc.). We get many requests from international teachers, head teachers, principals, experts, advisers, and policy makers to gain a deeper insight in the secrets behind the success of the Finnish education system. With our courses that are fully tailored to your needs, we also give you a chance to discover, discuss, share knowledge, exchange ideas and experience the Finnish schools by meeting and observing experts, teachers and pupils. You will learn first-hand how the Finnish education system operates at all levels and how it assures equality in excellent education outcomes.


Main topics of the course:


  1. School innovation (school development plans, standing structures of innovation, ICT & digitization, the new curriculum)

  2. Student in the center (support systems and the integration of special needs students, talent development, adaptive and personalized learning)

  3. Teacher in the center (collaboration and self-governing teams, evaluating, coaching and mentoring, learning to let go, class management)

  4. Internationalization & collaboration (European dimension, collaborative projects, student exchange)

  5. Pedagogical leadership & Management (supportive school policy plans, good parent-school dialogue, actively engaging with teachers and co-creative leadership)


Our tailor made educational tours and study visits are aimed at individuals or groups of 10 or more persons (1-5 days) who want to gain insight into the Finnish educational system. The estimated cost of the service is starting from 195 euros & VAT (24%)/person/day depending on our experts, the length of the visit, etc. It is also possible to attend this courses as a part of an Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility Project with adjusted prices based on your Erasmus+ grant. Topics and dates possible also on demand.


Workshops about the Finnish Education System & the Curriculum Change

The world in which schools operate has undergone major changes since the beginning of the 2000’s, increasing the impact of globalisation and the challenges for a sustainable future. Even though Finland has been one of the top performing nations in the world (according to PISA, the UN Education Index, UNICEF, etc.), also key competences needed in society and working life have changed rapidly. Therefore, the content of education, pedagogy and school practices needed to be reviewed and renewed in relation to these changes. That is reason why Finland will start implementing a big curriculum change by the start of the new school year. The curriculum in Finland was last renewed 10 years ago and in order to meet the challenges of the future, this time Finland will focus even more on developing schools as learning communities, emphasising the joy of learning, and promoting student autonomy in studying.


During this workshop we will provide you with a wider framework to understand the Finnish education system and the need for a curriculum reform in one of the top performing nations in the world. Together we will have a  look into the foundations, the paradoxes and the principles behind the Finnish education system, including the theory of learning, teaching materials, assessment, teacher’s role, special and inclusive education, and last but not least the daily life in a Finnish classroom. Together we will learn first-hand how the Finnish education system operates at all levels and how it assures equality in excellent education outcomes. 

The estimated cost for our workshops is starting from 300 euros & VAT (24%)/90min. 


Consultancy Services

Education is the means by which we thrive, individually and collectively. Recently, the growing complexity and interconnectedness of our now global society has challenged the effectiveness of traditional education systems, which were designed for the needs of the industrial era. To thrive in the 21st century, we need to go beyond that and teach students how to learn, engage, innovate and create. This is the spirit that drives us as a consultancy firm, and where we can combine our experience in international project management with strong substantive know-how and learning solutions from the Finnish education system. If you really need rethinking or redesigning of your learning environments, curricula, schools programs and organizations, don't hesitate to contact us.


Our consultancy services are aimed at schools, school communities, innovators, policy makers, companies and advisors who want to gain the long-lasting benefits from the Finnish educational system. Prepare your students with the skills and knowledge needed for today and tomorrow. The estimated cost for our consultancy services is starting from 250 euros & VAT (24%)/day. 


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